Magical photos captured by Ifat Golan. 

“We are the dreamers. You and I.
We are climbers. Reaching for the top, chasing the moon, touching the stars.
We are children. Exploring the world, no fear in our hearts, only passion faith and love.
Together we grow, together we thrive.”

spring summer 2018

Magical photos captured by Ifat Golan

“My child,
No matter where you go, no matter what you do – this is all you will ever need:
Yourself. Trust who you are. Be brave. Be kind. Be you.
Your family. We are bound together by nature. We are forever yours.
A friend. Find the person who makes your heart smile and your soul sing.
Go out to explore the world. Walk with passion, faith and love.
Walk with friends.”

spring summer 2017

Magical photos captured by Ifat Golan

Do you believe in magic? We do.
Have you ever seen the light of a firefly? Have you ever caught a falling star? 100% pure natural magic.
Sometimes, the greatest wonders don’t need special effects. They are glorious in their simplicity. A wise man once said- “ the question is not what you look at but what you see” (Henry David Thoreau).
Let’s teach our children to see the magic that we all are, the beauty of mother nature. Let’s give them the courage to be themselves, wild and free.
We are the magic.