Post #7: Something personal//

After a long time focusing on Tinono and working around the clock, I finally was able to take a few days off. So we went on a family mini vacation to Cyprus. Just him, me and the girls. It was fabulous! Cyprus at winter is a nice getaway, almost no tourist, quiet, relaxed. We had a great time at the Troodos mountains (first snow for the girls), villages, beaches. A real treat.

I took two cameras with me. My old SLR camera, and a digital pocket camera. While I was using my heavy SLR camera, Yuval was taking pictures with the pocket one. The result is really exiting – we have two points of vies from this trip – my eyes, and her eyes. After seeing her photos I realized two things – one – a child’s point of view is the most wonderful thing. There are no filters, no over-thinking. It’s raw, wild, natural. I wish I could take photos like that. Two – I have a big girl. She is almost 6 years old, and has a big personality. My tiny human isn’t so tiny anymore…

So, here is our Cyprus through two eyes, enjoy!